Causes Of Poor Connection And Your Ultimate Solution

A Cell Phone Service Booster
A Cell Phone Service Booster
3G Repeaters
3G Repeaters

Stuck at home with sluggish mobile signals and wondering how to boost cell phone service in the Netherlands? Today is your lucky day because you are about to read about the ultimate solution to the problem. Installing a 3G repeater is your key! I understand you need a bit more info on the product before just blankly believing me saying that it is the ultimate solution to your mobile phone signal trouble.

To begin with, if you are wondering about the legality of 3G repeaters, then fear not because Netherlands Radiocommunications Agency says it is legit. It is only natural that you will want to know how it works and its installation. So here it goes.

Step 1 – There is an outdoor antenna which must be mounted on the rooftop. This attracts faint signals from the nearest phone tower. Make sure to point it towards the direction from where the signal is received.

Step 2 – There is an amplifier unit that needs to be placed inside the house, preferably in a room with ample ventilation. This unit is responsible for boosting signals. Now connect the outdoor antenna with the booster using the cables provided in the kit.

Step 3 – There is an indoor antenna that needs to be mounted inside the house for transmitting the amplified signals to your devices. This antenna has to be attached to the booster unit.

Step 4 – Connect the power plug of the booster to the power socket and switch ON.

Now that you are clear on the installation bit, let us look at a few of the obvious causes of poor signal.

Construction Material

The majority of the building materials used to construct houses today act as obstacle courses for the mobile signals which travel in the form of radio frequencies. The new age construction materials are energy efficient, which is a pro and a con at the same time. In terms of keeping you healthy, it is a pro and when it comes to facilitating perfectly strong cell signals inside your homes it is a con.


There are man-made obstacles as well as natural obstacles that are capable of hindering cell signals. The ideal example of the former is a building constructed between you and the nearest mobile phone tower. And as for natural obstacles, there are mountains, hills, and even trees.

Additionally, inter-cell interferences and you being located at the edge of the network coverage area will also cause poor signal.