How To Choose The Internal Antenna Of Your Cell Phone Repeater

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When choosing a cell phone repeater for your home or office, there are certain things you have to consider, and the type of antenna is one among them. Cell signal repeaters have both internal and external antennas that are used for different purposes. The external antenna is the part of the repeater that receives outside signals. These signals will then pass through an amplifier for boosting their strength. After this, the amplified signals will be transmitted to the required areas using the internal antennas.

There are different types of internal antennas available for signal repeaters. They vary greatly in terms of the area they cover. Therefore, it is important for you to get an antenna based on the area you want to cover. We list some of the common options available for you when you choose a signal repeater.

Whip Antennas

They are ideal for use in small spaces like a car, truck, RV, or one or two rooms. Whip antennas are the easiest to install among all the internal antennas available for you. This is a small device that attaches directly to your repeater for sending signals in all directions. This is the appropriate choice for both entry-level as well as mid-level signal repeater systems. The whip antennas are capable of providing a gain of 2 dB on the band of 698-960 megahertz and a gain of about 5 dB on the band of 1700-2700 megahertz.

Dome Antennas

Dome antennas are a perfect choice for square-shaped and single-storied buildings. They should be installed on the ceiling for getting the best performance. When installed on the ceiling in a central location, it will provide a 360-degree coverage space around the antenna.

There are two types of dome antennas. The first one is the standard dome antenna that provides a 2 dB gain on the 698-960 megahertz band, and a 5 dB gain on the 1700-2700 band. The next is the ultra-thin antenna that can give a gain of 3.5 dB on the 698-960 megahertz band and a gain of 7.5 dB on the band of 1700-2700 megahertz.

Panel Antennas

This antenna is ideal for covering long spaces, such as narrow hallways. They can also cover multi-storied buildings. You can mount them on the ceiling or wall based on the area you need to cover. The gain of the panel antenna will be 7 dB on the 698-960 megahertz band and it will be 10 dB for the band of 1700-2700 megahertz.

Different types of internal antennas are available for use in your cell phone repeaters. You have to choose an antenna for your home or office based on the area you want to cover and the required gain.