Tips For Choosing Between A 4G LTE Booster And 3G Amplifier

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Mobile Signal Booster
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Mobile signal boosters are pretty commonly available in the market today. There are some different variants of it, including one for improving 3G signals and the other for 4G LTE signals. Are you attempting to pick between a 3G repeater and 4G LTE booster? If yes, the following are some tips to help you with the choice.

Consider The Internet Speed You Want

Do you wish to make your data speeds better? Is 4G LTE service available in your place? If the answers to those questions are a yes, choose a booster designed to improve 4G signals coming from your cellular carrier’s tower there. Several devices have 4G LTE capability. Almost every cellular carrier has 4G frequencies that are unshared by other telecom providers. Therefore, confirm that the booster you are thinking about buying will enhance 4G signals for your carrier or when you are on their LTE network.

Want No Internet? Consider Doing The Following

Do you wish to make only calls in poor signal places? If yes, keep in mind that a 3G cellular signal booster should generally help you to achieve that purpose. Match the cellular frequency that your carrier utilizes in your place to the ones the booster will amplify. Save the cost of purchasing a 4G LTE booster in the event you plan to make just calls and utilize no internet.

A 3G phone signal booster will also make your 3G data speeds better. Most 3G repeaters will amplify the reception on nearly every carrier’s networks in North America. Albeit your phone supports 4G LTE connectivity, a 3G type booster will improve the frequencies the product utilizes for calls.

If I Possess A 4G Mobile, Should I Choose A 4G-Specific Booster?

Almost every 4G mobile phone also covers networks in several other frequencies mainly used for standard voice calls. Do you rarely use or not utilize internet service? If you only use the device for the aforesaid type calls, then matching the frequency bands of your carrier for calls with your signal booster will do the trick.

Know About Cellular Frequency

For several years, all North American carriers utilized 1900 megahertz or 800 megahertz frequency bands. Most carriers use these for both voice calls and the 3G internet connectivity even today. With 4G, every single carrier utilizes one different frequency band in one frequency range.