What Are The Causes Of Weak And Noisy Cellular Signal?

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Causes Of Weak Cellular Signals
Causes Of Weak Cellular Signals

Weak and noisy cellular signals affect the quality of cell reception and hinder cellular communication. What could be causing weak signals? In this session, we discuss some common causes of weak cellular signals and possible solutions.

Causes Of Weak Cellular Signals

Commonly reported causes for signal issues are listed below:

Inter-Cell Interference

Modern cellular technologies like 4G LTE transmit signals from all cell towers using the same frequency band. This could lead to issues in cell reception. If your phone is located between two or more cell towers that transmit signals of nearly equal strengths, each cell tower interferes with your cell phone’s connection to the other cell tower. The result is a signal of poor quality.

Distance From The Closest Cell Tower

The distance between your cell phone and the cell tower connects to plays a major role in deciding the strength of cellular reception. When cellular signals travel through space, it tends to get weaker as the distances they travel increases. The farther you are from the cellular tower, the weaker will be the signals that your phone receives.

Building Materials

Some building materials tend to block cellular signals. Wood, concrete, and metals are common signal blocking materials. The metallic body of vehicles and low-E glass can block cellular signals in vehicles. Signal reception can be affected by attenuation from nearby buildings as well.

The Nature Of The Terrain

The nature of the terrain plays a significant role in deciding the strength of signal reception at that place. Signal quality in valleys and hills are often quite low. Take for instance you live on one side of a hill and the only cell tower in your location is on the other side of the hill. This is reason enough for the dropping of signal strength.

Is There A Solution To Signal Issues?

Of course, you can choose from a number of solutions to signal issues but most of them lack permanency or are difficult to implement. However, cell phone booster has been proven as a failsafe solution that amplifies the signals despite the factor that caused poor signal reception.

A cellular signal booster operates on the available cellular signal and amplifies it to rebroadcast it to your cell phones. It does not require WiFi coverage for its operation and its working mechanism is quite simple for the results it gives.