Why Are Mobile Signals Weak Inside A Building?

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You would have many times observed that, while you are in the office or inside a building,  your mobile network was weak. You could hardly make calls or stream videos. You would not have been able to work if you were not connected to the office Wi-Fi. You noticed something similar happen in shopping malls and your house, even though the situation in the latter was not that bad.

Why does that happen? Most of the materials in a building block cell signals. Your office and the shopping mall being big infrastructure could block all of the mobile signals from entering, whereas your house,  which is small could only weaken it.

Here is a list of things that will disrupt cellular signals from entering a building.

What Blocks Cell Signals In A Building?

The extend of blockage will depend on the materials that are used to make the building.  Materials that are non-conductors of electricity do not completely block cell signals but disrupt it unlike tin, copper, aluminum, etc.

When In Home

Your home is your secure haven. It is where you hibernate, relax, and have your time. This makes it an important place and definitely a place which has to have an internet connection. But, there are a few things that make the signal weak which leads to slower internet.


The thicker the wood, the more the strength of the signal reduces. Wooden walls, windows, etc reduce the signal by -5 dB to -12 dB. Whereas plywood, being thinner, weaken it by -4 dB to -6 dB.


Unlike wood, glass does not block signals but refracts them by -4db. Tinted glasses cause refraction of around -24 dB to -40 DB.

In The Office

Offices are generally more secure and built using stronger materials like concrete, metal, etc. Hence, the network signals will not easily reach inside.


Metal is one of the strongest blockers of signals. Around -32 dB to -50 DB is reduced.


Concrete causes a loss of around -10 dB to -20 dB. It is one of the strongest and most common materials used to construct a building.


A loss of around -8 dB to -28 dB can be observed.

The best way to ensure you have excellent cell connectivity is by using a cellular signal booster. According to the types of network you use (3G/ 4G/ 2G), you can get a 4G LTE booster or 3G booster or 2G booster.