Causes Of Poor Signal Even After You Installed Cell Signal Booster

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Marine Cell Phone Signal Booster
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Cell signal boosters are devices that can help you to avoid different problems associated with poor cell reception. These devices are capable of receiving weak signals and boosting them. Hence, they can help you to get better signal strength even in areas where there is very poor signal quality.

However, you might experience poor signal strength even after installing a cell phone signal booster. Different problems can reduce the signal strength of your booster. But luckily, most of them are minor problems that can be solved easily. Hence, we are listing some of the common issues that can result in reduced signal strength even after installing your signal booster.

Low Coverage Area For Your Inside Antenna

This is a common issue that can occur in cell signal boosters. There can be different factors that limit the range of your inside antenna, and the strength of the outside signal is one of the prominent factors among them. If you have good outside signal strength, then your exterior antenna will be able to capture more signals and you will get more coverage area for your inside antenna.

  • If you are experiencing a short-range for your internal antenna, then a splitter can be helpful for you. It will allow you to mount two internal antennas for the same booster. Therefore, you will be able to solve the range problems associated with your single interior antenna. Most signal boosters will support splitters, however, some brands might not support them. Hence, this solution might not apply to every booster.
  • The position of your exterior antenna can have a great impact on the signal received from the internal antenna. Hence, you have to make sure that your external antenna is mounted in a spot where it can receive signals.

The Distance Between The Interior And Exterior Antennas

The distance between your interior and exterior antennas can also affect the signal strength you receive. If the signal from your internal antenna reaches your external antenna, it can result in a problem called oscillation. If the booster detects this problem, it will automatically reduce the range of your internal antenna for correcting it. Hence, you have to make sure that the signals from the interior antenna are not reaching the exterior antenna. Cell signal boosters will notify you if oscillation occurs. Hence, you have to correct it before it affects the performance of your boosters.

The problems mentioned above are some of the common issues that can affect the performance of your boosters. Hence, you have to rectify them as soon as possible for restoring the optimum performance of your signal boosters.