How To Improve 3G Signal And Boost The Internet In Your Home?

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Mobile Signal Booster
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Mobile Signal Boosters

The aim of 3G technology was to make the data transfer faster than before. 3G cell phones that are compatible with 3G technology allow the user to enjoy faster internet access. But just like other mobile networks, 3G networks will also get interrupted and face network problems. Weak signal strength will cut off your internet access and it is really frustrating. Therefore many people are using 3G repeaters to boost the signal and improve the internet access.

3G Signal Amplifier

Every mobile signal booster consists of two antennas. The outdoor antenna receives mobile signal from the cell tower and increase its strength. The indoor antenna will send these signals to your mobile phone. The antennas are essential to boost 3G coverage and to improve the internet speed. The user can decide how much area a 3G amplifier should cover.

But it is important to know that the coverage of the antenna is depended upon the strength of the signal coming from the cell tower. If you place your 3G repeater near the window or outside, you will get optimum signal coverage. One of the main advantages of a 3G repeater is that it very easy to install and use. It can also be used in your car.

Important Tips For Installing A 3G Repeater At Home

  • A basic model of a 3G signal booster is very suitable if your house is smaller than 1600 square feet. The basic model is very compact but still very effective for smaller houses. It is ideal for garages, caravans, basement locations, etc.
  • If the house is between 3000 to 5000 square feet, you will need a 3G signal booster that is able to cover that much area. The repeater must contain powerful antennas and the latest amplification technology.
  • A dual band repeater is an ideal choice if you want to improve 3G signal strength and GSM cellular connection at your home. The equipment has the ability to work on two different frequencies at once.

Choose The Right 3G Amplifier

A mobile signal booster will provide you with a permanent and faster internet access which will save your precious time. Therefore, you must choose the 3G repeaters correctly for ensuring its efficient functioning. You should choose the signal booster depending on the factors like how much area you need to cover. Always do a thorough research on different 3G signal boosters and buy only from reputed companies.