Different Types Of Signal Boosters

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Cell phones have become a very important part of our lives. There is a constant need to stay connected and for this, we need an uninterrupted networking service. Even though technology has progressed immensely in bringing signal reception to our doorsteps, sometimes we need external aids. That is why we use signal boosters.

A signal booster collects the signals and amplifies them and helps to get them indoors and in our vehicles. Signal boosters can be classified into different types based on different parameters. Here we are going to consider the most obvious differences and classify them accordingly.

In-Home Or Office Signal Boosters

From the title itself, we can understand that these kinds of boosters are used inside our homes or offices. They are selected according to the requirement of the place. They have two antennas (one inside and one outside), an amplifier unit, and power supply and cables to connect all these units.

In-Building Signal Boosters

Unlike in-home or office signal boosters, in-building signal boosters can cover more area. It has two subdivisions called commercial signal boosters and Industrial signal boosters. Industrial signal boosters cover a much larger range compared to commercial signal boosters. To install Industrial signal boosters we require approval from service carriers and these are installed if the area that needs to be covered is more than 50,000 sq. feet.

Public safety cell phone boosters are examples of industrial signal boosters. Commercial grade signal booster kits are pre-approved by carriers; they only require registration with service providers after installation is complete. Commercial signal boosters can cover areas in the range of 6,000 sq. feet to 50,000 sq. feet.

In-Vehicle Signal Boosters

There are signal boosters designed specially to fit inside a vehicle. They are designed differently for different vehicles like cars, trucks RVs, etc. The units come with various types of outside antennas designed for vehicle use and you can easily install it yourself with the instructions provided in the manual. We need to make sure that the signals of another antenna on the vehicle are not get interrupted by the booster. They are less costly compared to other types of boosters.

Machine To Machine Signal Boosters (M2M)

These are used for IoT (Internet of Things) devices and cellular-connected machines like vending machines, automated teller machines (ATMs), etc. These machines are connected without using any manual intervention. The M2M signal boosters are direct- connect boosters i.e., cable from the amplifier is connected directly to the modem. These boosters can only be connected to one device at a time due to their unique design.