Some Things To Know About 3G Network Extenders

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Cellular Signal Booster
3G Network Extender
3G Network Extender

Improving a cell phone’s signal is one of the things everyone wants to learn and know how to do. It can help stay connected in regions and areas which only have a weak signal passing through them. Following is the gist of what you need to know about bolstering the cell phone signal inside a home or office.

3G Network Extenders

These are mini cell phone towers meant for use in homes and small business offices. They greatly help people struggling with spotty service inside a small building. A 3G network extender is capable of improving the 3G signal as well the data connection and call quality. The coverage area provided can reach a maximum of 5,000 square feet.

Does One Improve 4G Data Coverage?

Sadly, no. A 3G network extender is only able to improve your 3G data coverage and 1X calling. It does not have the capability to do the same with 4G LTE data coverage or even 4G advanced calling. If what you want is better call quality and basic internet and app use though, 3G should be enough.

Whose Use Is A 3G Network Extender Meant For?

Extenders of this kind can be deeply helpful for people living in rural areas. It also helps if you are in a basement bedroom or inside a garden-level apartment. The common thing in all these places is poor connectivity.

What Benefits Does A 3G Network Extender Bring?

It is possible to go from a single or no bar, to five bars, all within minutes of setting up an extender. This can bring you faster mobile internet, allow making clearer calls, and make you able to send texts more quickly. Not only is your indoor cell service expanded, but your call does not drop once you leave the house, provided you have an adequate signal coming in from the outside network.

How Does A 3G Network Extender Work?

The 3G Network Extender is meant to be plugged into the internet router in your home via an Ethernet cable, and this creates a mini cell tower which provides 3G cell coverage inside the home. The extender also makes use of GPS, which is helpful when 911 operators are trying to pinpoint your location during an emergency. If your GPS signal is weak, that can be resolved by moving the network extender closer to a window, or setting up an external GPS antenna.