Tips For Improving Call Quality On Your Cell Phone

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Today, we use smartphones for many purposes. But the most important use of a smartphone or any cell phone is to make calls. What if you try to make a call and you are not able to hear what the other person is saying. You will get frustrated. Right? Poor voice quality is a very common problem. But, it is not unsolvable.

Here are some of the tips that help in improving the quality of voice calls.

Clean The Speakers And Microphone

If you have poor voice clarity, the first thing you can do is to clean the speakers, earpiece, and microphones of your cell phones. Most often the speakers and microphones are blocked by dust and other substances, making it difficult for us to hear the person on the other end. If you want to clean the speakers and earpiece, make sure to clean them with a very soft bristle toothbrush. Clean them gently or else, you could damage the speakers.

Check The Settings

Almost all network carriers offer high-quality voice calls in the form of networks like VoLTE or HD voice. You need to go to the settings and check whether the HD voice or VoLTE is enabled. If not, you need to activate either one of the features before making a call. Most of the smartphone manufacturers add additional settings to increase the voice quality in their settings menu. Modern smartphones have features like Noise Reduction and Personalize Call Settings that helps to improve the quality of voice calls.

Use Internet Calling Apps

There are several apps available in Google play store and apple store that allows you to make voice calls over 3G, LTE, or Wi-Fi connections. Most of these apps can be downloaded for free. Almost all of these apps offer high-quality audio. These apps also offer many other features. The most important one among those features is video calls. WhatsApp, Google Duo, Skype, etc. are some of the popular apps people use to make calls.

Use A Signal Booster

One of the major reasons for poor voice clarity is bad cell reception. if you do not have a proper cell signal, you cannot make voice calls. Even if you can do that, there will be too much noise and distortion in the cell signal so that you won’t be able to hear the person on the other end properly. Using a cellular repeater increases signal strength and reduces noise and distortion. This will significantly improve voice clarity.