A Brief Guide To Cell Phone Boosters

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Cell Phone Booster

We all experience some sort of cell signal problems in our life. Lack of proper cell reception may cause call drops, slow data speed, undelivered text messages, etc. There are several reasons for poor cell reception in a particular area. Some of them are the distance from the cell tower, obstacles that block the cell signals, bad weather, heavy network traffic, etc.

The ideal solution for poor cell reception is using a cell phone booster. It is a device designed specifically for improving cell reception in an area. A signal booster improves the cell reception by increasing the strength of the cell signals coming from the cell tower to a usable level.

Working Of A Cell Phone Booster

The main objective of the signal booster is to increase the strength of the incoming cell signals. The functioning of a signal booster mainly depends on its three major components; outside antenna, amplifier unit, and inside antenna.

First, the outside antenna captures the cell signals coming from the cell tower. Then the cell signals are transmitted to the amplifier unit using the coaxial cable that connects the amplifier unit and the outside antenna. The amplifier unit will increase the strength of the cell signal and send it to the inside antenna for rebroadcasting.

A cell phone booster can boost all types of cell signals, including 2G, 3G, 4G, 4G LTE, Wi-Fi, etc. Once you install a cell phone booster in your house, office, or your vehicle, you will no longer experience any call drops, slow data speeds low voice clarity, etc. Cell phone boosters can amplify cell signals of all network carriers.

Types Of Cell Phone Boosters

There are mainly four different types of signal boosters available. The most common one is the in-home/office signal boosters. It is mainly used in houses and small office buildings. These signal boosters have coverage between 2,000 and 4,000 square feet. The performance of these types of signal boosters mainly depends on the strength of the incoming cell signal.

Another common signal booster is the in-building signal booster, which is used to improve cell reception in big buildings. They have a larger coverage area than an in-home signal booster. They have a coverage area of about 100,000 square feet. M2M signal boosters are used for amplifying cell signals for machine to machine applications like ATMs, vending machines, etc.

The in-vehicle signal booster is another type of signal booster that people use. These signal boosters are used for improving cell reception inside your car while you travel through remote locations. Most of the in-vehicle signal boosters support only one user at a time.

How To Install A Cell Phone Booster At Your Home?

Installing the signal booster at your house is easy and it does not need any professional help. Most of the signal boosters available today come with an instruction manual that will help you to install all the components of the signal booster system properly.

The first step in the installation process of the signal booster system is to find the best spot outside your house where the cell reception is better. You need to find this ideal spot for installing the outside antenna. You can walk around the perimeter with your cell phone and look at the signal bars. The spot where you get the maximum number of signal bars is the best spot for installing the outside antenna.

It is mostly preferred to mount the outside antenna on the roof of the house. Once you install the outside antenna, the next step is finding the ideal spot for the amplifier unit inside your house. It is better to install the amplifier unit near a power outlet.

The next step is installing the inside antenna. You have to install the inside antenna where you need stronger cell signals the most. You can mount the inside antenna on the wall or on the ceiling. After that, connect both the antennas to the amplifier unit using coaxial cables and plug-in the amplifier to the power outlet. If everything is okay, you will start getting proper cell signals.

Benefits Of A Cell Phone Booster

There are a lot of benefits to using a signal booster. The most important one might be an uninterrupted voice call. We all know how frustrating call drops are. When you have stronger cell signals you will no longer experience any call drops. Also, you will have better voice clarity while making a call. With better cell signals, the noise and distortion will be reduced and you will be able to hear the person on the other end clearly.

Another important advantage of a signal booster is that it increases the data speed. That means you will have uninterrupted browsing and the data upload and download speed will be increased. It also helps to increase the battery life of your cell phone. With better cell reception, your cell phone does not have to use extra power to find proper cell signals.