Bad Signal Reception In Car And Their Fixes

Cell Phone Booster Issues
Cell Phone Booster Issues
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Cellular Signal Booster

You must have experienced weak cell phone reception when traveling in your car or for that matter any vehicle. This can be particularly annoying when you have to pull over by the wayside to make calls. This is an issue that affects drivers everywhere and there are multiple reasons for it. Many times we blame the cellular tower or the network provider for this. So how to improve phone signal in your car?

Before knowing how to improve phone signal, you must know about the reasons for weak cell phone reception in vehicles. Listed below are some of the common causes of weak cell phone reception in vehicles.

  • The materials that are used to manufacture your car such as glass, metal sheets, plastic, etc can absorb the cell phone signal waves resulting in dropped signal strength. They can absorb up to 50% of the cellular signal, hence you will get slightly better reception when you open car window glass.
  • The weather can impact the cellular signal strengths, and hence when traveling through an area of bad weather it weakens the signal. This combined with that of your car’s influence on the signal can deteriorate it very badly.
  • When you are traveling the cell phone is trying to get a signal from different towers according to changing locations. This can reduce signal quality as the line of sight between the phone and the towers are constantly changing because of the movement. That is why, when you pull over by the roadside and make the call the signal quality is significantly better.
  • As you are moving in the vehicle many types of obstructions can come in the line of sight between your phone and the tower resulting in dropped signal quality.

How To Improve Cellular Signal Quality?

You can improve the call quality by pulling over at the roadside and stepping out to make the call. This ensures that there is no obstruction in the line of sight between your cell phone and the cellular tower. If the signal quality is not up to your requirement, then get to an elevated area and make the call. If you do not want to pull over or have any kind of break in your driving then you can install a cellular booster kit for your car. They can give good signal reception in almost all situations inside the car. These devices have an outside antenna that picks up a weak carrier signal, boosts it with an amplifier and transmits it to your phone giving good cellular signal reception.

Getting a cellular signal booster for your car results in fewer dropped calls, better data speeds, and improved call quality. Besides you need not leave the safety of your vehicle to make calls.