Extended Range Technology (ERT)

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ERT is a new ground breaking and innovative technology to further boost your weak network signals. Be ready to shed your communication woes and let it be a thing of the past; all made possible with Extended Range Technology (ERT). We are here to breakdown what ERT is and how it will change the way we stay connected.

What Is Extended Range Technology?

A state of the art technology that offers various advantages including the likes of superior data speeds, more users connected simultaneously, clearer and better voice quality, large coverage are and better suitability in far, outskirt locations. To dumb it down to layman’s term on how this works is, imagine you are addressing a rally or an auditorium of delegates. If you want yourself to clearly vocal and audible, you would make use of a microphone and stand close to it. Now what happens if you don’t have one, and have no option but to scream your lungs out? Probably the 3rd or at best 4th row might be able to hear what you have to say. The ERT is somewhat like the using the microphone to reach all the way to the back.

What Does This Mean For You?

  • Your Signal Will Be Of A Much Better Quality

The noise or disturbance in the signal will be much lower when using ERT. The signal strength that is in dB or Decibel will be much lower for non-ERT cell signal boosters, and further the noise that comes from the signal moving from and to the signal will also be much higher. The same way it would feel if you were standing 6 feet from the microphone. In other words their Signal to Noise ratio or SNR is much lower than that of ERT.

  • A Much Higher Boosted Signal

The signals are boosted much higher, meaning that your signal can now give you clearer calls and higher data transfer speeds. It does this by reducing the cable loss and noise, which the signal will generally collect as it is transported from and through the cable. Be ready to welcome better connectivity with ERT.

  • Boosted Signal Reaches The Cell Tower Efficiently

Coupling is done by your ERT signal booster more efficiently. The higher quality uplink signal can do more than its predecessors and allows the signal to reach even towers that are far away.

As this technology becomes mainstream, be ready to upgrade your non-ERT cell signal repeater to an ERT enabled one!