Guide To Portable Cell Phone Boosters

5G Signal Booster
5G Signal Booster
Plug And Play Signal Boosters
Plug And Play Signal Boosters

Cell phone booster is one of the smartest solutions to cellular signal issues. The simple device works in amazingly efficient ways to boost the cell phone reception. Its major components include the external antenna, amplifier, and the internal antenna.

Most of the signal booster designs are meant for fixed installation, meaning that once they are installed at a location, they cannot be moved around. The outside and inside antennas of fixed installation signal boosters are generally mounted on walls or rooftops, and cables are run to connect the antennas and amplifier. The amplifier is connected to the external antenna while the internal antenna is connected to the amplifier.

Particular situations require portable signal boosters for it can be easily shifted between locations. You can shift it between your vehicle and home as and when you need it.

Plug And Play Type Portable Signal Boosters

As they require minimum installation time, plug and play signal boosters can be easily moved from vehicle to home and back or vehicle to vehicle easily. All you have to do is unplug the handheld booster from your vehicle or home and transfer it to the next vehicle or building by plugging it back in. For a vehicle to vehicle transfer, no additional hardware is required whereas transferring from vehicle to building might require an AC to DC converter.

In some plug and play signal boosters, the amplifier is built into the exterior antenna.

Easy-Install Portable Cellular Signal Booster

Unlike plug and play portable signal boosters, easy-install portable signal boosters require the separation of the antenna. However, its reinstallation process does not take more than five minutes.  Antenna separation is achieved by placing something between the external antenna and amplifier to prevent oscillation or feedback that reduces the amplification rate.

Buildings generally use AC power supply whereas vehicles use DC power supply. Hence it is not possible to shift signal boosters from vehicles to buildings and vice versa as such. The transfer and reinstallation are only possible with the assistance of a separate AC adapter.

Vehicle signal boosters are designed to operate in a relatively small area when compared to cell phone boosters installed in buildings. Hence when you shift vehicle signal boosters in a building, the cell phones have to be placed within the limited coverage area characteristic of the vehicle signal booster. This is one of the major drawbacks of shifting vehicle signal boosters to buildings.

Portable signal boosters seem to be a boon while you are on your trips to places where you can anticipate weak cellular reception.