Reasons For Poor Cell Phone Reception

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You might have often faced multiple issues in cell phone reception, be it dropped calls, crawling internet speed or texts that take some minutes to get delivered. The causes for the poor cell phone reception can vary according to the location you are currently in.

Some common causes of poor cell phone reception are discussed in this session.

Heavy Cellular Traffic

If you are in  a crowded place, take for instance a traffic congestion or a crowded street, there is a high possibility that everyone around you are using their cell phones either to make calls, text or browse the internet. All the cell phones of that place fight for space in a single tower, increasing the volume of cellular traffic.

A cell tower supports a fixed number of users and once the limit is reached, the signal quality will see a notable decrease.

Building Materials

Indoor signal reception becomes weak primarily due to the signal blocking nature of some construction materials. Metal and tinted glass can block the entry of cellular signals to buildings and vehicles. Concrete walls and ceiling also block cellular signals.

Blocking Of Cell Phone Antenna

Unlike modern day cell phones, older cell phones had external antennas that made the cell phones heavy, even though the signals were consistent. Modern day cell phones lack exterior antennas as they come with antennas embedded inside the phone. Unless you are not careful about the way you hold your phone, you might block the antenna, leading to poor cellular signal reception. The exact location where the antenna is embedded depends on the model of your phone. Make sure that you do not hold your cell phone in a position such that the signal reception is blocked.

Cosmic Events

Eruptions on the sun’s surface send the massive volume of gases into the atmosphere and the phenomenon is termed as solar flare, which sends shock waves into the space. The waves then travel through space and affect the signals sent from the satellite adversely and cause changes in the magnetic field of earth. This will have negative effects in the strength of cellular signals.

Location Features

If your house or building is in a high terrain or on a valley side, the chances for signal weakening are high. If you live in a valley and the only cell tower in your area is located at the other end of the mountain, your cell phone reception will be poor. Thick forest cover of a location as well as longer distance between transmitting tower and your location can affect the strength of cellular signals.

Among the numerous solutions that can be used to tackle signal issues, cellular signal booster installation is the most efficient option due to its appreciable affordability and ease. Cell phone booster takes in weak cellular signals and amplifies them before sending them to the reception points via an internal antenna and can be very much helpful in boosting signal reception.