Why My Cell Signal Booster Is Not Working?

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Cell Phone Signal Booster
Cell Signal Booster
Cell Signal Booster

Many people usually complain that their cell signal boosters are not working properly. There are different problems that can affect the working of your cellular signal boosters. You have to be aware of these problems for ensuring that your signal boosters are working properly. The following are some of the common problems that can affect the performance of your boosters:

Connection Problems

Sometimes, the problem might be as simple as a loosely connected cable. Therefore, make sure that all the components of your signal boosters are connected in the right way. Check if the power supply has any problems. This will help you to make sure that loose connections are not interfering with the performance of your signal booster.

Check The Temperature Of The Amplifier

Sometimes your amplifier can become overheated. This can also adversely affect the performance of the boosters. Therefore, find if your amplifier is producing too much heat. You might have to call your technician for finding why your amplifier is overheating.

Check The Cables

Cables are responsible for connecting different parts of the signal booster and connecting it to the power supply. Hence, if any of the cables are damaged, then it can hinder the working of your boosters. Frayed, damaged, or tightly pinched wires can also create security risks for your home. Therefore, it is important to check for damage to the cables.

Check The Internal And External Antenna

Damage to the internal or external antenna can also affect the functioning of the cell signal boosters. It is important to ensure that your internal and external antennas are placed in a location where their working will not be hindered.

Other Problems That Can Affect Your Cell Signal Booster:

Apart from the connection problems and damage to the components, there are certain other problems that can affect the performance of your signal boosters. They include:

Poor Outside Signal Strength

It is no secret that cellular signal boosters do not produce signals on their own. They use the outside signals for providing connectivity inside a building. Hence, if there are no outside signals in your area, then it will reduce the performance of your boosters.


This is a problem that occurs when the signals from the internal antenna reach the external antenna. To avoid this problem, make sure that there is enough separation between these two antennas.


Your signal booster cannot work if the strength of the incoming signals is too much. If this problem affects your signal booster, then you might have to get an attenuator for reducing the strength of the incoming signals.

Different problems can affect the performance of your cell signal booster. Knowing about them will help you to find the problem that is hindering the proper functioning of your booster. If you cannot fix the issue yourself, then it is better to contact a technician who will be able to solve the problems easily.